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Halloween Sofa Blanket Throw Blanket

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  • This Halloween blanket has bright colors, big orange pumpkins and black cats. Although it will not have a terrifying atmosphere, it is still very suitable for Halloween.

  • This blanket is made of cotton thread, which is not only of moderate thickness, but also has a tough feel and is not easy to fold. It will become softer after washing!

  • This blanket feels a little rough, not easy to slip, can be used as a sofa towel, sheets, leisure blanket, can also be used as a carpet, better than ordinary thick carpet.

  • Suitable for double sofas, single sofas, double sofas, lounge chairs, floating windowsills, bed blankets, summer sleeping mats, carpets and more, you can enjoy the comfort.


Product Information


  • Size specification: 130*160cm /160*220 cm /160*260cm 
  • Shrinkage rate: 2%-5%
  • Applicable season: Spring and Autumn
  • Precautions for use: You can use ordinary cold water machine to wash, pay attention to gentle washing! To prevent entanglement, it is recommended to use an appropriate amount of softener and not to dry too much. In addition, do not use bleach. This type of size is elastic, and the measurement error is about 2%-5%, which is a normal phenomenon.
Halloween Sofa Blanket Throw Blanket
130*160cm - $55.99
  • 130*160cm - $55.99
  • 160*220cm - $89.99
  • 160*260cm - $109.99

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